The Birthday Message


So after our last conversation, I am making this edit. You've been 29 for nearly a week now, so if you do eventually scan the code and come across this part of the present, it's kind of old. I could make a joke about it being as old as you, but I finally found a grey hair yesterday so pot kettle black, glass houses throwing stones and all that. Consequently, I will say nothing in my geriatric state except please accept my sincere apologies for not making the clue clearer. Now onto the original content ... 



You scanned the QR code? And clicked the link that popped up? That's a little bit reckless, is it not?

What if I was sending you to some weird site, or some spammy something or other. The Internet is not a safe place. 

Honestly, it is probably best not to scan random QR codes and click links from people you don't trust, especially if they hand draw it on some cheesy birthday card. 

But don't worry though - this page is on my site and for privacy comes with an additional 'noIndex' tag, the unlisted video and this page are hidden from anyone except those who consider the possibility that a hand drawn QR code might actually work.

It will all be taken down shortly, I promise. 


But since you're here, have a private birthday message from Jacob.

Yes - that is tomato soup stains on his t-shirt.

Yes - he is wearing pyjama shorts and slippers.

Yes - it was a bit of a chilly Autumn day. We all make choices. This was his.

No - not all clouds look like bunnies.

Yes - that cloud does look like a flying dragon. You like dragons, yeh? or did I mishear that? It's a birthday sign, clearly. I am sure your brain will see something different. Please see my badly drawn paintbrush dragon on the cloud to illustrate what I saw but didn't want to say...



Anyhow, enough of my ramblings.

Happy Birthday to you. I hope you have a wonderful day with those you love. 

I want to apologise again for the shitty gift but you have known me long enough, and had enough of them by now that you should know what to expect.

If I am going to apologise for anything this birthday, it really should be for my son, who appears to be quite ridiculously bad at guessing how old people look. 


He does make me laugh though.