Our LightPad

Want to give your child the joys of a light table but don't want to spend all that money?  We've come up with the solution.

We have designed the only LightPad in the world that can be used either as a standalone device on a table or floor, AND alternatively, added as an insert in the ever popular IKEA Flisat table to convert it into a light table.  


Child playing with IKEA Flisat table light pad


With its super slim, Australia and International patented design, it can be used by children (and adults) of all ages for tracing, art and craft, sketching, x-ray viewing, light sensory play – the list is endless.


Tracing illustration on light pad



You can choose between three different levels of brightness (LOW, MED and HIGH) to suit you and your childs viewing comfort. With a massive A2 sized active light area, there is plenty of room for the largest of tracing work and it comes with uniform consistent bright light to enhance their sensory play activities.

Ultra thin at only 6mm (0.24 in) in height, and weighing a tiny 2.2kg (4.8 pounds) it is designed to sit flush with the IKEA Flisat table, and still be light enough to be portable and useful as a standalone device anywhere you need. 

And it’s strong.  We don’t recommend your child sit on the table, but rest assured, we tested that to make sure it wouldn’t break.  We know what kids get up to!!

 IKEA Flisat table light pad installation


Our unique cable notch design allows the cable to move from a down position in the Flisat table so it will sit perfectly flush with the edge, to a side extension when used as a standalone device on a desk or floor. 

The low voltage LED light strips (12 volts) last up to 50,000 hours of use, so our LightPad is designed to bring light into your childs life for years. There is even a protective film to filter harmful light.  

Be comfortable buying anywhere in the world - each LightPad includes all four different country adaptors and a 2m long power cable ensuring you can use it where ever you are.  

Our LightPad is covered by our 1 year manufacturer's warranty and meets all safety FCC, CE and RoHS standards.  


IKEA FLisat lightpad insert


So don't spend a fortune buying a light table that is single use - convert your existing IKEA Flisat table into one.  And when school comes along, our LightPad can move with them to the "big kids table" for all that tracing and illustration work.    



Located in the USA and need it now?

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 - Australia (ships from Melbourne) and

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