Yes.  All of our silicone placemats are made from FDA approved, food grade silicone.  Research indicates that silicone is stable and inert and non-toxic. All our products are made to our design and specifications and meet relevant international standards.

Clean your placemat with warm soapy water, or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher.  To dry, rub with a soft dry cloth or let air dry.

Yes it will. As long as your suction bowl/plate is pushed onto a flat surface it will stick. We have tested all the common suction bowls and plates on our mats with success. You can even lift an empty highchair up by a suction bowl and the silicone mat underneath will not lift off or move.

Years and years.  Silicone is naturally heat resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-mould, won't crack or fade and can be used over and over again for mealtime or for play.  Although you can cut it with scissors.  If you don't let your kids cut the mats into tiny little pieces you can use them for all of your children.

Our mats are thicker than others on the market. We have mats specifically designed to fit the Kmart, Target and Big W chairs that do not require a DIY hack of cutting the corners of an IKEA mat to make it fit. You pay a lot of money, you shouldn't need to DIY it. 

All of our mats have a unique raised border to keep spills on the mat rather than seep underneath. Finally, we also have placemats for the IKEA Antilop with original hand drawn artist illustrated designs on them.

Unfortunately no, even though the chairs do look very similar. The tray design is different. The IKEA placemat will only fit the IKEA Antilop highchair trays and vice versa.

When you select a mat you will need to specify which highchair model you have. Be sure to check our comparison photo if you are unsure before purchase. The Kmart, Target and Big W highchairs are Australian based only. International visitors will most likely have the IKEA Antilop as this is worldwide.


It's important that you provide a cup of water with meals from the time your child starts to sit in the highchair.  Practice does make perfect, and learning to drink from a cup is just as important as learning to eat. 

These highchair trays are not big, and as many parents know, the cup constantly falls into the food or onto the floor with the slightest knock or wobble.

Our cup holder removes the cup from the tray (reducing the temptation to throw it on the floor or accidental elbow knocks to the floor) and encloses it within high walls preventing knocks and spills, whilst still allowing the child easy access to it.  

Our cup holder has been specifically designed to fit the IKEA Antilop, Target Snacka, Kmart Prandium and Big W Uno highchairs only.

We recommend you install the cup holder on the left hand or right hand side of the tray near the front of the chair base for maximum support and accessibility by your child as indicated by the arrows below: INstallation location

View and download your copy of the installation sheet here.

We know the tray can be hard to remove on these highchairs.  We made this video just for you, showing how to remove and reinstall the tray in two easy steps. 


It is made from PP plastic.

No.  The cup holder has been designed to fit between the tray and the chair base without any damage.  Installation does not need any extra add-ons or modifications to the chair. It does not need any screws, glue or clamps to install.

It should not. The tray connects to the chair base by four small locking clips underneath the tray (note: there are only two on the Kmart Prandium chair). 

As shown in the pictures below, the clip closest to the cup holder will still connect to the seat when the cup holder is in place but depending on the age of your chair and the flexibility of the plastic clips over time, this clip may not latch onto the base as well as the other clips.  This should not cause a problem during normal use of the chair.  As shown by the Kmart Prandium chair, two locking clips is enough to keep the tray secure.

When installing the cup holder, securely close the tray with the cup holder in place and check with your fingers that the clip nearest the cup holder has latched onto the chair base.  If not, squeeze it closed with your fingers.

WARNING: Do not lift the chair by the tray when the child is seated. 

These small tray locking clips are not designed to take the weight of the chair and child together.  They are designed to keep the tray on the chair base only.  If you need to move the chair, use the "handles" on the chair base (grip under the U-shaped curve indent on the side of the chair base).

Plastic is pliable, and these locking clips could release at any time causing the chair to drop if you lift the chair by the tray.  This could happen regardless of whether there is a cup holder installed or not.  It is dangerous to move the chair with the child seated in it.

No.  This is a world first product that we have designed and manufactured.  It is utility patent protected in Australia and Internationally and any infringement will be enforced. 

Tether straps secure the cup to the highchair by a long strap.  The cup is still required to sit on the tray, leaving it vunerable to accidental knocks by a childs arm when eating, or falling into the food with the slightest wobble of the chair.  Once the cup falls off the edge, the tether will prevent it hitting the ground, but it is often out of reach of the child. 

Our cup holder removes the need to keep the cup on the tray.  The cup has a lowered center of gravity on the side of the chair and is kept within high walls meaning it will stay in place even when knocked and still be within reach when required.   

Our cup holder can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or put in the top drawer of the dishwasher if required.

Unfortunately, no. Our cup holder uses the tray to hold it securely in place on the chair.



Our LightPad can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and dried. It is made from strong acrylic so it easy to clean, but ensure it does not get immersed in water as there are electrical components within it.
Of course.  We have designed a unique power cable notch to allow the cable to exit the side of the LightPad when used as a standalone device on a table or floor and drop down when it is inserted into the IKEA Flisat table.  

On the bottom are 8 thick rubber stoppers to provide grip and protect your desk/floor when used as a standalone device.
No, ours is the only LightPad in the world that has been designed to do this. Other A2 LightPads on the market are too small and would "seesaw" on the middle wood strip between the tubs on the Flisat table (they measure A2 as a total size including their bezel, so their entire LightPad is about the same size as our "active light area").

In addition, the power cables plug into the side of the device which would prevent it sitting perfectly flush with the IKEA Flisat edge.
It is fairly straight forward. Remove the lids and follow the instructions below:

Installation into Flisat Table
No - the entire active light area is reflected light from the LED light strips located at the top and bottom of the unit.

The bezel at the top and bottom of the LightPad where these electrical strips are located may get slightly warm to touch when used on the HIGH brightness setting for a long period of time. We have worked closely with the manufacturer to modify the power settings to ensure this does not get much higher than body temperature. We know kids like to lean on the LightPad.

This is normal dissipation of heat (just like the back of your iPad or phone gets warm with use) and is not a fault. It does not interfere with the operation of the LightPad.
The blue light near the on/off soft touch switch is the standby light when not in use to let you know the power is plugged in ready to go.  The LightPad is designed to ensure a uniform, even spread of light from the LED strips when being used, but that same ability also works for the little blue standby light.  What you get is a beautiful soft blue glow at night.  

You can simply disconnect the power cable or turn the LightPad off at the wall to stop this.
Please contact us with the exact nature of the fault - we are happy to work with you to resolve the issue. 

Our LightPad is covered by a limited manufacturer's warranty for manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. 



The main things to remember during installation are to make sure you are installing on a clean, dry surface, line the decal up accurately first (for table lids we recommend starting at the curved finger notch side) and work slowly as you push the decal onto the surface.  The included instruction sheet outlines all the steps, but if you have lost yours or need a refresher click here.

Our decals comes with a bubble-free adhesive with unique air release lines to ensure that installation is as smooth as possible.  However, we know that small air bubbles can occur. You do not need to remove the decal and reapply.

There are a few ways to remove any bubbles you have:


 1) use a tiny pin to poke a single small hole in the air bubble and use your finger to push the air out.

2) if the bubble is near the edge of the decal, use your fingers or similar to push the bubble out to the edge for the air to escape

3) leave the installed decal out in the sun for an hour or so. The heat will soften the vinyl and you will find that after some time the air bubbles will disappear. This may not be immediately. A decal full of bubbles and creases, after being left in the warm sun for a while was perfect two days later.

4) Just wait. Air bubbles will naturally disappear as air can escape from the decal. Give the vinyl a week or so and many times you will notice that even unpopped bubbles have disappeared.

During installation you are able to gently lift and redo the decal as you apply to correct it. However once the decal is fully installed and bonded to the furniture the decal is not able to be removed to be reused.


Yes we do.  If you are interested in stocking any of our products please visit our wholesale page for further information, or contact us on hello@toddleway.com.au  

We currently have distributors in many locations around the world and some products are available on Amazon USA - visit our Amazon storefront here.  Not all distributors stock all products.  Please check with them first.   See here for further details.

For any other questions, please contact us on hello@toddleway.com.au