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Baby/kid/Toddler with an angry annoyed look on their face whilst sitting in IKEA Antilop high chair with a green silicone placemat/meal mat designed by Toddle Way to fit perfectly on the high chair tray.

Clean up made easy with our

silicone mats

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Welcome to Toddle Way

Here at Toddle Way we understand what it's like to be a parent -  

that's why we've invented world first, patent products to make parenting easier. 

Designed, owned and operated in Australia, we now have distributors in the USA, Canada and Singapore (see details below). Our revolutionary products are making parenting easier all over the world.      

Meet our new LightPad ...

Meet the new cup holder for your highchair ...



Silicone Placemats

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Cup Holder

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Our USA, Canada and Singapore distributors

Looking to reduce shipping time with Covid-19?

Our LightPad, cup holders and a selection of mat colours are available for purchase directly from our USA, Canada and Singapore distributors. See here for further details as not all distributors stock all products.

Quick shipping, fits great. This really is a must have...something you don't realise you need until you use it. Judy S - three widely different kids

I'm a lazy parent. I just whip this off after my bubs eats (doing baby led weaning so it's messy!) and chuck it in the dishwasher. Perfectly clean everytime... ~Megan S. Two boys, one girl

The cup holder is a backsaver. Gone from drop and (me) pickup 4 or 5 times a meal to none!! Didn't take them long to work out to return the cup to the holder. Easy!!! ~Liz. Mc. - one boy, one girl

Original and different. I had my mothers group at my house and they all loved them. Secretly jealous I think. ha ha. Lyn K - a gorgeous 6 mth old

Still have questions? Want to stock our products? Can't get the tray off to install the cup holder?...