Our Silicone Placemats

Our silicone placemats have been designed by us to fit perfectly on your IKEA 'Antilop', TARGET 'Snacka', KMART 'Prandium' and BIG W 'Uno' high chair trays.
Made with food grade silicone that is safe to eat from; we designed it with a raised border to prevent all those messy spills running under the mat.
Spaghetti for dinner?  No problems. 

Cleaning up after meals becomes a breeze.  Just remove the mat and hand rinse with warm soapy water.  Or better yet - place it in the top rack of the dishwasher. 

Yes - it's dishwasher safe.

water droplets on silicone placemat

It is slip resistant so bowls stay where they need to.  For those of you with suction bowls and plates, rest assured these will still work as normal even with a mat in place.  The mats are heat resistant, anti bacterial, anti-mould, won't crack or fade and can be used over and over again for mealtime or for play. 

Your placemats will last for the second child, and the third, and wow, a fourth child hey!

Lucky you ;)

mats rolled on highchair tray

Food, drink, playdough, painting - you name it, we have it covered.

Except glitter.

Everyone knows glitter is not your friend.  Sure, you can clean it off, but honestly, just cut your losses and put a new mat down..

     … lucky for you we have a few to choose from.

How can I tell which highchair I have?

They do look similar.  The easiest way to tell is by looking at the straps. 

Ikea, Kmart, BigW and Target highchair comparison

The IKEA Antilop has straps at the base of the seat only, where the child sits. The KMART, TARGET and BIG W chairs have straps higher up near the shoulders.  

The KMART Prandium will have light grey coloured shoulder straps.
The TARGET Snacka will have black coloured shoulder straps.
The BIG W Uno will have white coloured shoulder straps.

Will my IKEA placemat fit on a TARGET, KMART or BIG W highchair (or vice versa)?

Unfortunately no, even though the chairs do look very similar.  The tray design is different.  The IKEA placemat will only fit the IKEA Antilop highchair trays.   The tray corners are different shapes as shown here (IKEA Antilop at the back).

When choosing your mat you will need to select the chair model on checkout to get the correct mat design. Be sure to check our comparison photo if you are unsure which chair you have.

Note that the Target, Kmart and Big W chairs are available for purchase in Australian stores only, so International visitors will most likely have the IKEA Antilop which is available worldwide. 


Located in USA or Singapore and need it now?

Select mat colours are stocked by our International distributors.  Shop with them here.

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Too much reading? No problem - we made you a cheat sheet.