Our Cup Holder

Introducing our patented cup holder to fit the IKEA 'Antilop', Target 'Snacka'*, Kmart 'Prandium' and Big W 'Uno' highchairs.


  ***   UPDATE (SEPT 2020) for TARGET SNACKA CHAIRS   *** 

A recent manufacturer modification has resulted in changes to the Target Snacka highchair tray design which prevents the cup holder from installing without some user modifications.  

Please check below for further information on whether your Target highchair is affected.


Did you know:

 - by 6 months of age, when a child is ready to sit in a highchair, it is important to offer a cup of water with meals? 

Not only does this allow them to develop their hand-eye coordination, but also to learn that fluids can come from alternative sources than the breast or bottle.  Their oral-motor milestones are dependent upon successful practice.1 

- Most babies can drink from a sippy cup by themselves by 11 months of age, and much earlier with help.2.   Usually, by 12-18 months of age, a child will want to eat and drink on their own as part of a developmental milestone and just like you, they may get thirsty during their meal.


If you have the IKEA 'Antilop' highchair, or the Australian Kmart 'Prandium', Target 'Snacka' or Big W 'Uno' highchairs, you will understand why people love them.  They're cheap, easy to hose down if mealtimes go horribly wrong and just all round super practical.


But here's the thing...  
It's not a huge tray


cup fallen over on ikea highchair tray


Sure, it's big enough for your bowl or plate and a spoon and fork, but when you add the sippy cup it has just enough room to sit on the side or in the corner. 

Right. Near. The. Edge
You know what's coming..

Guess what happens when young children rock and roll in the chair, or practice scooping food with their spoon, or in our experience, just eating.

Elbows and arms move around and the next thing you know, that sippy cup is dripping water on the floor. Or better yet, the cup falls into the pile of food.  


 elbow knocking cup in Toddle Way cup holder


We did what most parents end up doing.. we took the sippy cup and put it nearby.  Usually out of reach only to be offered when we remembered.

But learning to drink from a cup when you are thirsty is just as important as learning to eat when you are hungry. The cup needs to be within easy reach so your child can drink when they want.


Just not on the tray.


We designed and patented a cup holder to attach to these high chairs.  It had to be simple to put on or take off, no glues or screws or clamps to damage the chair, and it had to help prevent falls whilst still allowing the child easy access to it.

Toddle Way highchair cup holderSitting level with the high chair tray, it is positioned at a perfect distance for self use.  High walls and a lowered centre of gravity stop the cup from falling even with the roughest of wobbles, and an open base lets any stray food fall through.  It even has a hole at the end for hanging when not in use.


Toddle Way cup holder for Ikea highchair


It can be setup on the left or right hand side to suit you and your child and its wide opening can take even the chunkiest of sippy cups.  Even ones with handles.


Toddle Way cup holder for IKEA antilop highchair

 So sit back and relax whilst they play with their food, and drink to their hearts content.  You deserve a break.




Want to know how to install the cup holder?

Further information can be found on our Cup Holder Installation page.



Located in USA, Canada or Singapore and need it now?

This product is stocked by our International distributors and on Amazon USA.  Shop with our distributors here or buy from Amazon US here: Toddle Way Highchair Cup Holder on Amazon USA.


Is my Target Snacka highchair compatible?

As of September 2020 we have been informed that certain Target Snacka highchairs purchased from approximately mid-2020 may have had a design change to the underneath of the tray affecting the installation of the cup holder.

Under the bottom of the highchair tray, a plastic "rim" has been extended from the front of the tray to the sides.  This rim hugs the highchair seat base when the tray is closed. 

Consequently the newly added side rim (as shown in red) prevents the tray from securing over the cup holder.




If the bottom of your Target Snacka tray does not have this rim, then the cup holder will install successfully as shown here.



If your Target Snacka tray has this added rim underneath your tray and you still wish to purchase a cup holder, you will need to cut away the rim as indicated above where the cup holder arm is located.  This will not affect the strength or functionality of the chair at all.


for your new cup holder.





1  (Eicher, 2002; Illingworth & Lister, 1964; Pinnington & Hegarty, 2000)

2 Carruth BR, Ziegler PJ, Gordon A, et al. Developmental milestones and self-feeding behaviors in infants and toddlers. J Am Diet Assoc. 2004 Jan;104(1 Suppl 1):s51–56


Toddle Way Cup Holder has filed for Australia and International Patents.