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We know it's a pain to wait for shipping from Australia when you live halfway across the globe. Our products are unique and it's not like you can go anywhere else to buy them.

Due to popular demand, all LightPads purchased through our website will be shipped FREE to all US based customers from a central US-based warehouse. No discount code required. Buy your LightPad from us here.

In addition, we have been working on getting our entire collection on the US Amazon marketplace. 

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Toddle Way Jumblez Puzzles

 Our Jumblez Puzzles have been designed with kids in mind. We know learning is done best through play. Explore Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters and Numbers/Maths Symbols with our large acrylic puzzle pieces.

Each set comes with a whiteboard marker, eraser and carry bag so your child can practice their spelling, handwriting or reading.

Pair it with our LightPad and explore light play with our colourful translucent puzzle pieces.



Our world-first cup holder to fit the IKEA Antilop High Chair. No screws, clamps or glue required. Just lift the tray, place in position and close. Free up the small highchair tray and end the constant sippy cup knockdown. 

Pair it with our Toddle Way silicone mats designed to fit the top of the IKEA highchair tray. When mealtime is over simply lift the mat up, food and all, and rinse off in the sink. Dishwasher safe as well ;)





 Want to have a Light Table in your playroom but can't justify spending another $600+ on yet another piece of furniture for the playroom? We have designed the only LightPad in the world that fits inside the IKEA Flisat table. Simply remove the Flisat lids, take out a tub if you have them, slide the 6mm (0.24") thin LightPad into position and enjoy.

Convert your Flisat table into a light table whenever you need it. No modifications to the Flisat table needed.

Can also be used as a standalone device on the floor or dining room table. 




We have commissioned a number of artist designed decals to fit on top of the IKEA Flisat table lids. We know they get dirty. Scratched. Stained. Scuffed. Did we mention dirty??

Cover up the unslightly mess with one of our 7 different decal designs, and turn that Flisat table into a delightful artistic feature in your playroom.